Context – Orientation

by Beauchamp Art

Orientation: Maps and Meaning

Orientation through the physical, psychological, and the allegorical allows oneself to find a starting point, from which to being one’s journey.
The representation of the thought process regarding the progression through concepts is key to the development of well-grounded, and thoroughly thought through ideas. As well as enabling one to retrace the decisions that lead to the finalised outcome. This re-examination of development aids in furthering future projects.
In the more physical sense, learning the route between origin and destination, so that one is able to then ably this knowledge of navigation to later journeys.
With modern developments in mapping and satellite technologies, new ways to explore locations and find oneself have come about. They offer a new perspective on the world. Much as contextualising art, with research into: other artists, exploring galleries, and contemplating the audiences’ responses, means that a greater understanding of how piece of are produced will be found and interpreted.

Looking back on archives, and other intuitively catalogued systems of mass organisation, is a similar such means of navigating information. With the mass expansion of the internet as a means of gathering and finding information, the journey between query and answer has been, theoretically, greatly shortened. But does this ease of use make the serendipitous stumbling upon of unexpected data a thing of the past, such as one may find getting lost in an unknown street, or flicking through an encyclopaedia. Or does the mass availability of information and ideas open up previously undiscovered networks of thought?
New ways of accessing information and exploring ideas requires new forms of learning; different sorts of connections to be formed; both mentally/neurologically and in terms of a wider social structure. When the primary means of learning are digital, could this, therefore, be the downfall of traditional means of understanding. To return to the metaphor of orientation, if one was to take a taxi everywhere, would one ever find one’s way?
With more information; more ideas, and more ways to explore them; one can find new ideas through the old, and seek to resolve the contradiction of mass interconnection.