Exhibit: Distortion_Decay

by Beauchamp Art


Featuring the works of Henry Driver, Benjamin Beauchamp, and Bryony Goose.

Held on the Painting Landing of the Student Gallery in NUA’s St. George’s Street Building.

Along with two of my peers, Henry Driver & Bryony Goose, we put on a week-long exhibit on the Paint Landing in the student gallery space at NUA. Though the exhibition was done at very short notice, I do believe it was quite successful, as a number of our peers and other came to the private view and the work came together well; my TV images, and paintings, along with Bryony’s scanned and reprocessed works, and Henry’s Game-Boy photos, along with his video instillation and interactive video piece; worked well alongside one another.

The decision to work together to put on a show came through our recent discussions with one another, sharing thoughts and ideas, so there was an implicit harmony to our display. Though we were differently thematically, the aesthetics of our art rang cadent.

The work I decided to include in the show that connected to the theme of ‘Destruction and Decay’ included 3 painted works, based on photos of of figures TV, somehow distorted by the media, along with 6 printed works; 3 of which were portraits also based on TV images, reprocessed and enlarged to draw attention to the cells and pixels of the images, as well as turn something familiar (faces from TV Panel-Shows) into something more sinister. The other 3 digital images were distorted stills from a filmed conversation between Henry and I over lunch, which I repeatedly applied the motion blur and smart sharpen tools to on Photoshop, then layering the images, in order to create more abstract scenes; using techniques designed to enhance photos over and over in order to destroy them.

I also included a sound piece, 7:17:16 Overload, that fed into the landing – so as not to clash with the soundtrack to Henry’s piece – this was aeries of variations created by layering numerous tracks of music I have written, then speeding up and slowing it down to various affects. This hopefully added a greater atmosphere to glitch-laden space.