Exhibition: Hey Boy! Hey Girl! – An Exploration of Gender

by Beauchamp Art


From the 18th to the 22nd of February, I had a piece entitled ‘Egregious Tradition‘ showing in a group exhibition on the painting landing with a number of other students, whom were mostly second year Fine Artists. Having done my piece some time in advance of the show, I had had time to ponder it and gather some responses premature to its displaying, which were mostly positive, though after reflecting on it for a considerable period, I do believe I could have made a better piece of work. For one, the painting itself was not my best, and I have progressed in technical ability since first completing it, not massively so, but enough for me to want to repaint some sections, however I have to remember to decide when a piece is resolved, so as not to overwork it and loose the merits of the moment. Nevertheless, Leonardo da Vinci’s famous words “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” do come to mind.


Overall I think that the work came together well, and my piece fit in with the exhibit, its scale offsetting the smaller works either side of it, though not overpowering them. I also enjoyed seeing other people’s responses to the subject matter, especially the Video piece featured. However, one disappointment was the lack people who turned up to the private viewing on the Monday (I was still busy setting up for the Void exhibit on the floor below), which may be one of the problems with small shows, especially ones in the student gallery, and those on the top floor; slightly more out of people’s way. Still, it is always good to have work on show and to get some responses.