Performance: Nothing of Value

by Beauchamp Art

Framed 2

As part of the Void exhibition, I also did a performance piece as a continuation of a sculpture/instillation; ‘Comment on the Gallery’, involving myself dressed smartly in a suit, wearing a number of picture frames, being exhibited about the space, and rotating the frames with the ones on the wall half way through the show, concluding by placing all the frames together in the gallery. This was intended as a light hearted performance, which may have undermined it somewhat, but the satire of the formality of the Gallery still stands, and I believe it is better to have done an unsuccessful (semi-spontaneous) performance, than to have missed the opportunity entirely.Strangely, my wearing of a suit may have received more comments than the frames, as I was described at one point as looking like I was from law school. Moreover, whilst stepping outside briefly whilst in the ‘costume’, passers by looked quizzical, but for the most part did nothing (standing outside the NUA building may have presupposed my intention), and the only person to inquire into my motive was a father on the behalf of his two small children, who asked me to explain what I was doing, to which I replied that I was an art student, and I was having a bit of fun. Moreover, Kelly’s photos with a disposable camera also serve as a interestingly nostalgic record.

Framed 1

Photography by Kelly Briggs



After searching through some old files, I found a precursor to this from 3 years ago.

Photography by Joe Dogdeon