Synthetic Life Support

by Beauchamp Art


Synthetic Life Support [Slowly Breathe Us In]

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This looping animation features the final frames of a cathode-ray television being turned off.

Supporter of the Synthetic Life, Life Support that is Synthetic, an artifice of unending inhalation and exhalation, of the rhythm of the heart.

It is not centralised, nor level, it is irritatingly askew, the imperfection of reality, the corruption of telecommunication, the Mass Media dysrhythmia, the growing technological dependency.

The cathode ray flashes on and off, never fully dying.

The use of digital decay as a metaphor for human death is a theme I have discussed at length with my peer, Henry.

‘Slowly Breathe Us In’ is taken from the lyrics of “The Greater Good” (psychoticamera)’ by NIN, which is also thematically relevant with regards to technological concerns.

It would be interesting to get people to sit and watch it for as long as possible in a darkened room, to see how long they can endure it and how they react to it, preferably without causing any seizures or epileptic fits, though that would serve as a good metaphor for the human biological rejection of the artificial means of communicating – in this case the TV, though it could be seen to apply to a wider social context.

Life becoming monotony, monotony becoming overwhelming, the overwhelming consumes, the consumption kills.

Our Eternal Dialogue

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