Museums at Night – Inverview for Future Radio

by Beauchamp Art


As part of the Museums at Night event at the Sainsbury Centre, for which I am performing my ‘A Better Place’ piece for the first time; a number of the artists and members of the Young Associates – the organisers of the event – were interviewed for a program on – a local online radio station for Norwich and North Norfolk, in this section, ‘Platform’, commenting on the local art scene and current activities.

For the interview, fellow student-artist; Henry Driver, Nicholas Osborne, Juliette Deseilligny and I were asked in turn to describe our work, why we were interesting in participating in the Museums at Night event, and how our work connects to the theme of ‘Traces’ and our practice in general.
I explained that my piece was a follow-up from a recent video piece that I was experimenting with doing as a performance; watching static on a television screen, for an extended period.
It was good to explain the background to the work before the event in a format that can be heard by a wider public, rather than just explaining such things to our peers or the people around us; expanding our potential audience and informing them further. It is also good publicity for Museums at Night, and should help to support the activities of the Young Associates, of whom I knew previously through University.

Though I believe I spoke reasonable about my work, I think my public speaking may be an area for improvement, as staying focused is paramount. A useful exercise nevertheless.
Through the broadcast we are connected, in the void of silence we depart.