Weekly Summary 20.5.13 – 26.5.13

by Beauchamp Art

This week featured ultra-macro photographic lens-based experiments involving a hearing aid and computer screen, organising photos (onto Flickr), painting, learning Logic, sorting out the ‘A Better Place…’ footage, producing one [100%] hour length video, and a sped up version [1000%] with an altered soundscapes, subtitled ‘Lost in the Noise’.
After reading my assessment feedback (receiving 68%/2.1,) the keys point were a need to focus and clarify: my work, documentation and research – I need to refine my frantic working pattern, bringing in more contextual references (more books for the pile).
Along with Outdoor Drawing, 2 Stew exhibitions, I attended the ‘Electronic Voice Phenomena’ evening, prompting further performance (poetry) investigations.


In Silence [Currently Unnumbered]


In Silence [Currently Unnumbered]


A Better Place, (A Non Place) Lost In The Noise [Still]


Trying To Remember Her Face (Drove Order From My Mind)

Repainting of Going Somewhere Going Nowhere
Attempting to be more true to reality, and from this perfectionist pursuit came madness.
One could see this as an action drawing done over a not particularly interesting painting, reflecting my frustration at my failings as a painting, and as a person trying to represent another (like screaming in anger at not being able to describe someone effectively, or stuttering when saying someone’s name; hindered meaning is agony).