Weekly Summary 3.6.13 – 9.6.13

by Beauchamp Art

After discussions I realise the need to analyse the specifics of my works; aesthetically, thematically, and my argument/president, in an informed manner. I shall continue experimentation, but should not get absorbed by the novelty of macro photography, but also not force concepts on to necessary play, the two should grow together towards a resolved form. I continued to process and organise my images; selecting the best images, adjusting them and arranging them online in a beneficial format.
Four recent photographs are currently featured in the ‘Callous’ exhibition at the Red Light Gallery, my first out-of-uni exhibit; met with a positive response.
I also managed some Outdoor drawing from the Anglia Square roof/car-park.



Callous – Red Light Gallery – Private View

In Absentia [I, XIX, VII, VI] – Benjamin S. Beauchamp

Images from the ‘In Absentia’ series as part of the ‘Callous’ exhibition at the Red Light Gallery, Norwich [formerly the Soup Lab], and the private view.



Incorporeal: Contact [Hermes] XV



Incorporeal: Sanctum [Pasithea] XI



Incorporeal: Surface [Adonis] VII