Exhibition: At Hobbycraft

by Beauchamp Art

Hobbycraft Exhibition – May – June


Distant Relative – [Exhibited as ‘Distant Relatives‘]

Oils on wrapping paper

In association with the NUA Outdoor Drawing Society, I exhibited two works at Hobbycraft in Norwich, loosely under the theme of ‘Outdoors’, though given the limited number contribution, and my lack of resolved outdoor work, I included two unrelated paintings that Davide and Ed(the ODS) thought would work best in the space.


Submission of Solitude¬† – [Exhibited as ‘A Time for Solitude‘]

Chalk, Charcoal and Oils on board


Somewhat amusingly, the two pieces selected both happened to feature individuals using their mobile phones, inside – very much counter to the theme – but seemed to work aesthetically within the space above the stairwell in Hobbycraft nevertheless.

Both piece were for sale, as was the rest of the exhibition, the portrait of my brother was sold and I was rather pleased that my works were featured in a public show.