Weekly Summary 10.6.13 – 16.6.13

by Beauchamp Art

With organising and annotating works I have been incorporating more formal writing about my own work, including a more integrated use of my research and reading directly linked with my practice.
I have also signed up for being a Student Ambassador, enabling me to work with and become part of the NUA community; developing communication and networking skills whilst helping others (and earn some money in a practical environment).
Given I am currently camera-less, I decided to make a camera obscura, and may attempt a pinhole camera in the near future.
When dismantling the ‘Callous’ exhibit, the owner of the gallery said there were around hundred people visitors; which may be a bit optimistic, but positive nevertheless.

Redundant Compressed Anecdote [Marathon] - XI

Redundant Compressed Anecdote [Marathon] – XI

Redundant Romance [Pheidippides] - XI

Redundant Romance [Pheidippides] – XI

Photo series of a video camera filming a computer screen displaying a amateur pornographic video, which at points featured another computer screen within the film. Here I wanted to focus and highlight the pixelation, digitalisation and the ultimate abstraction of the physical form through electronic media; the physical/sexual closeness of the two figures forms a counterpoint to the distance that the persons have with the viewer, as an allegoric representation of the growing social distance between people that is possible by a constant digital/online connection, where the artificial becomes preferable to reality (disgust at the organic, glorification of the electronic).

Hearing From You [Oracle/Auricle] - VIII

Hearing From You [Oracle/Auricle] – VIII

Photographs of the audio orifice; the ear, brought from the darkness by the faint glow of a mobile telephone screen. Macro created by attaching a magnifying glass to the camera lens, and/or reversing the lens. Usually, this closeness renders the form abstract, however, the distinctive aesthetic of the thinly skin covered cartilage in the form of an ear is still readily identifiable as the external auricle.



Se7en – (Two Hours into Three – I)

Or, The Frustration of Trying to Watch a Film on an Overheating Computer – In Two Parts

A4 pencil sketch based on the film ‘Se7en’. An atmospheric thriller that was completely brutalised by an overheating laptop with a broken fan, an old processor and not enough RAM.