Weekly Summary – 8.7.13 – 14.7.13

by Beauchamp Art

This week I was moving house by hand. So ridiculously tiring and time consuming was this I consider it an existentialistic performance (“I Do Not Envy You”) though I did manage some reading and drawing.
Whilst unpacking I examined my unused art supplies; masses of pastels, pencils, inks, and other things I have not used at all in first year; which saddened me somewhat, given the divergence of my previous practice (various drawings/painting/etching techniques, from photos, life, and one’s compulsive thoughts) that has been changed (to chalk/charcoal/oil paintings and pencil drawings) and have become more dominated by other experiments (in photography/photomanipulation/digital, film/performance, sound, metal/rust/plasma, written and conceptual works), so I may incorporate these into future mixed-media pieces.
There is much I would like to do; everything in fact (expect etching, NUA has put me off printmaking; few FA students do anything interesting with it, Illustration uses it more effectively/frequently) so I have to decide what and when, or just make more plans to be incomplete.


Clock, Bear, Monitor

A4 Pencil Sketch


Room with a view

A4 Pencil Sketch



A4 Pencil Sketch

Bike in the Shade of a Tree

A4 Pencil Sketch