Weekly Summary – 15.7.13 – 21.7.13

by Beauchamp Art

Relocation recuperation rendered thorough productivity a faint possibility, nevertheless, I still managed a few drawings, mostly around the house or general scribbles – I have started and A3 sketchbook as well, which I want to use more.

Time spent in the library has involved organizing notes from previous weeks that had been somewhat neglected, as well as more investigations into artists. I have thus made notes and plans for more pieces involving university equipment, and been in discussion with a few peers about said plans [gang aft agley].

I read through Iain Banks’ ‘The Crow Roads’ over the weekend, a fictitious work of little relevance other than a darkly humerus existentialist attitude throughout, which has a certain role in my work.


Nick in a Fantasy

A4 Pencil Sketch
My peer/housemate playing video games


Fruit Basket

A4 Pencil Sketch


Room Drawing

A4 Pencil and Pen Sketch