Paintings: Going Somewhere, Going Nowhere & Trying to Remember Her Face

by Beauchamp Art

Going Somewhere, Going Nowhere

Chalk, charcoal and oils on Wooden Board. Portrait of Elizabeth, on a bus. There is a strong light coming from behind, though I shrouded the background in black [various things now invisible were scrawled in charcoal], so that the face would come forward more emphatically, with the lower body and hair fading out, as if out focus [though some areas are more defined than others].

The black background and almost colourless face was intended as a subtle homage to the Old Masters style [especially Rembrandt] though deliberately done cheaply, with thinned paints on found material, half completed; this would juxtapose interestingly to the very modern source image; a photo from an online social site [Facebook, as usual]. I decided to paint this particular image because its aesthetic qualities struck me as fitting for a study when she changed it to be her profile picture [like passing someone familiar in street, and noticing how well they look on a particular day]. This painting is larger than usual, around A2, more in line with my charcoal drawings, which allowed me to be more liberal with my early mark making, adding to the sweep of the hair coming from behind, into the hazy torso, framing the face.

The title is a comment on the transitory nature of the location of the subject, kinaesthetic in a non-place.

Trying To Remember Her Face Drove Order From My Mind

Repainting of Going Somewhere Going Nowhere. Attempting to be more true to reality, and from this perfectionist pursuit came madness. One could see this as an action drawing done over a not particularly interesting painting, reflecting my frustration at my failings as a painting, and as a person trying to represent another (like screaming in anger at not being able to describe someone effectively, or stuttering when saying someone’s name; hindered meaning is agony).