Weekly Summary 29.7.13 – 4.8.13

by Beauchamp Art

This week featured a mix of reading, taking quotes, drawing, painting, and mounting my photos for the ‘Collections‘ exhibition next week onto mount board [with a 5mm white card boarder].
Whilst working on the pixelated painting of my peer’s FB profile icon, I have taken to passively appropriating Aaron’s aesthetic; donning a checked shirt, blue jeans, plain cap, military-style jacket, and moustache; getting into character, a semi-conscious method act. However, this costuming was more for my own personal humour, and whether it has merit is debatable; it is not quite to Cindy Sherman or Yasumasa Morimura’s standard, and is considerably more passive.
Once I get a [working] computer, I should be able to return to digital work; photomanipulations and paintings.

Oil on board
Painting of Aaron’s Facebook profile picture as an icon in the chat side bar.
A non literal representation of the pixelation effect created when an image is uploaded, compressed, then enlarged back to its original scale.
Painted not to a grid, but as an impressing of the abstract qualities of the pixels, maintain on a faint humanity, that resembles the original only when displayed at low resolution.

Iconic – Details – II

Appropriating Aaron

Alluding to/Appropriating Aaron
For the week I was painting ‘Iconic’; a picture of my friend/peer Aaron’s Facebook profile picture icon I took up wearing similar regalia to him, and styled a comparable moustache.
The art of psedo-stalking; social-network driven appropriation.

[Aaron jokingly observed that any portraits of images of him were absent from my previous body of work, that featured a large number of our other peers, some multiple times, but not him. This is a backlash against that comment, and a self-satirising act of faux-hero worship and obsession, made possible social media]


Room Fixed Perspective Drawing [The Computer Chair]

A4 Sketch

From where I view the world/From here I view the world.