Painting: Iconic

by Beauchamp Art



Oil on board. Painting of Aaron’s Facebook profile picture as an icon in the chat side bar.

A non literal representation of the pixelation effect created when an image is uploaded, compressed, then enlarged back to its original scale. Painted not to a grid, but as an impressing of the abstract qualities of the pixels, maintain on a faint humanity, that resembles the original only when displayed at low resolution.

Iconic Details - I

Iconic – Details -I

Iconic Details - II

Iconic – Details – II

This was then reprocessed and re-photographed  on a computer screen as ‘Acatamathesia‘, on Flickr: Acatamathesia [Aaron Auxesis].

And as a semi-parody…

Appropriating Aaron
Appropriating Aaron

Alluding to/Appropriating Aaron. For the week I was painting ‘Iconic’; a picture of my friend/peer Aaron’s Facebook profile picture icon I took up wearing similar regalia to him, and styled a comparable moustache. The art of psedo-stalking; social-network driven appropriation. I also hung his work in the ‘Collections’ exhibition at the Stew.