Weekly Summary – 5.8.13 – 11.8.13

by Beauchamp Art

With my work successfully erected in the Stew Gallery as part of the ‘Collections’ exhibition; from 7.8.13 – 10.8.13; there was some sense of accomplishment this week with regards to productivity, however as very few people showed up to the private view, I found the exercise disheartening.
I seem to be lacking a creative productive direction, where I am aware of the ideas that I wish to take further, but cannot find a way of expressing them effectively, in words or art; there are only moments of clarity found in odd quotes and conversations, but what to do with it still seems unclear.

I rephotographed ‘Iconic’ displayed on screen, to be organised on Bridge next week.

Books and blogs pass by like street lamps on an evening drive.

Midwife and Philosopher
A4 Sketch




Collections, Private View, Stew Gallery