Thoughts: Distance is Time

by Beauchamp Art

Modern distance is measure in the frequency of communication between peoples.

Distance is time.

An example of this supposition can be found in the metaphors one uses to communicate an emotional separation:

‘We drifted further apart, we spoke less and less, until I could not recognize him anymore’

The geographic proximity of persons is not being discussed, but the analogy of physically moving away as a result of a growing infrequency of conversations between the persons involved, resulting in an alienation of personalities.

Distance is not literally time, but in the metaphors one uses to understand social interaction it is easier to contemplate when it is embodied in human terms, especially in the modern age of mass communication and networking where geographic distance is a less problematic hindrance to exchanges.

Perspective is paramount; the ocean is but a blue speck when seen from the stars.

Two thoughts can seem infinitely distant until a new connection is formed, then the act of learning and forming connections not only bridges the gap, but brings them together.Look again to language; two separate sounds can be meaningless utterances, but together may form a word, become part of a language.