Thoughts: A Return to Charcoal Drawing

by Beauchamp Art

The familiar taste of hair-spray, sticky-dryness at the back of the throat, clogged nostrils, blackened fingers and aching shoulders that accompany charcoal drawing. How I have missed you.

It may not be the most effective way of dealing with subject matter, but it seems pointless to not use the skills and techniques I have been working on for a number of years for the sake of prosperity.
I used to mix media differently with every piece, draw with both hands, do large scale studies from life, and extended observational and abstract images. But recently I have done in the way of work is scribbles, reading, and the odd photograph. I need to learn how to focus my ‘frantic energy’ into something constructive, for energy without control is simply anger, and will banalise any depth in meaningless aggressive expression.
I need clarity through control, focus and patience.