Weekly Summary – 12.8.13 – 18.8.13

by Beauchamp Art

The week I organised, edited, and uploaded the ‘Acatamathesia’ photos taken last week; though simplistic, they are a necessary flexing of the photographic muscles, pre-empting the return to NUA; where I feel can experiment more liberally [a richer creative environment, with fewer financial concerns]. However, given my extensive plans/fragmented ideas list, logically I should work my way through these before embarking on anything new.

A return to charcoal drawing has confronted the problem of a lack of subject matter – besides scribbles and previous resources, but I am drawing in order to develop ideas through making [though some may see this drawing for its own sake, I would argue it would be a waste to not].

Acatamathesia [Aaron Auxesis] - V

Acatamathesia – V

Photographs of a computer screen displaying images of ‘Iconic’

Acatamathesia [Aaron Auxesis] - XV

Acatamathesia – XV



Confront Triptych

Confront Triptych (Arial)
Charcoal, A2, 3 pornographic video stills – layered triptych, each with the female figure in focus, with eyes closed not making visual contact with the audience.



Midnight Private Browsing

Midnight Private Browsing (In Three Parts)
A2 Charcoal drawing; three pornographic video stills overlaid, and a solitary browser imposed on top.