Weekly Summary – 19.8.13 – 25.8.13

by Beauchamp Art

Another week of bits of work, reading, and researching (into academic journals etc); though hindered by the Library’s computer updates.
However I typed up the quotes from ‘Talk to Me’; looking into a few more artworks from that and other sources; as reading ‘Noise Water Meat’ is very informative, but specific works are difficult to reference, besides Cage’s 4’33”.
The ‘For What It’s Worth’ NUA gallery exhibit provided scholarly stimulation, though not exclusively about the pieces, more the ‘Art: Money: University’ relationship.
My rusted [Caravaggio] skull concluded well – photographing and filming its surface, inspiring ideas about combining oxidisation, oils, and lichen/fungi.
Charcoal is good to get back too, but the dust and fixative clogs my throat for days.

rust skull large




Berlin Unperson

A2 Chalk and Charcoal

Removing myself from group photos from Facebook.