Photos: Speak, Listen, Converse

by Beauchamp Art

Speak Listen Converse

For this short series, I have decided to toy with naivety and child-like reverence for technology by making a tin can telephone.

Speak Listen Converse - VI

Speak Listen Converse – VI

Photos of a basic telephonic device, made from two tins, a measure of string, and electrical tape to cover the sharp edges of the can, to prevent injury when held against the ear and/or mouth.

For the time being, I have just photographed the tin can telephone, however, I have plans to uses it in other ways, such as running it between two telephone boxes and having a conversation through it; as a suggestion by Nick Osborne, after I had set out plans to make calls between telephone boxes with mobile phones, highlighting their redundancy, but by the use of a primitive tool, such as this, to do something similar, a playful element can be incorporated into the piece.