Research: Do Robots Have Souls?

by Beauchamp Art

Do Robots Have Souls?

The Global Mail’s Aubrey Belford travels to Japan, where he meets Geminoid-F and her maker, Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro.

Via Karl Hienz Jeron


I came across this video and thought it seemed relevant to my current thoughts and practice, especially the point raised about distinguishing between the Western idea of humans being the sole bearers of souls, and the Japanese attitude that is counter to this, that souls are unilateral, and for Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, as there is no definable human consciousness mechanism, then there need not be a distinction between man and machine; and to understand man better, human-like machines must be made, for one to be about to realize what it is that makes something ‘human-like’ in the first place.

This Japanese approach to contemplating and conceptualizing humanity in a machine age is worth considering further [especially after watching Ghost in the Shell [I&II] recently].