Photos: ID; Inconsistency, Misinformation, Untruth

by Beauchamp Art

ID; Inconsistency, Misinformation, Untruth


ID – I – Inconsistency

ID - I - Inconsistency - VI

ID – I – Inconsistency – VI

Photos of a computer screen displaying images of 3 of my ID cards that use the same original photo, which have been scanned together whilst being moved around, distorting, warping, and stretching the images, as well as splitting the colours, creating a prism effect around some sections of the images, or changing them in other, unexpected ways. Whilst moving some of the images around, I also leaned over the scanner, so that some of my face was captured with the ID cards, so hints of a darkened eye may be seen in some parts of I and II. The three ID images, despite being from the same photo, and being of me, not only bare little resemblance to myself, but also to each other, as with the reproduction of he image, it became distorted, which I then took further by moving the images in the scanner, and then re-photographing the pictures on the computer screen, bringing out the pixels to be a visible element, rather than forming a whole picture; this macro effect was aided by the use of a magnifying glass; a device designed to make things clearer, but here make this obscurer. Though, it is still clear that the original photo [a sort of self-portrait] is at the centre of the series. Identification and identity are as relevant as the distortion through technology.



ID – II – Misinformation

ID - II - Misinformation - II

ID – II – Misinformation – II

Photos of a computer screen displaying a perpetually repeating GIF animation of my various ID card images compiled together in a rapid slideshow, taken with a medium length exposure in order to blur the transitions between the frames/photos together. However, for the most part this set simple features photos of scanned images re-photographed on the screen, and only in two of the pictures, II and III, did the frames blend together, in one the transition produced a linear cut between the images, and in the other there is the faint impression of a second image along with the dominant frame. These are intended to highlight not only the difference in one’s depiction in formal means of self-identification, but also a wider diversity of persona within a single individual; in that everyone has multiple facades.



ID – III – Untruth

ID - III - Untruth - XVI

ID – III – Untruth – XVI

Photos of a computer screen displaying images of a triptych of my ID images, from the same original photo on three separate ID cards, which were scanned, placed along side each other [in the chronological order which they were issued], and then distorted in Photoshop by repeatedly [motion] blurring the images then [smart] sharpening them, so the picture became amalgamated with one another and lost any resemblance to the original photo, or for that matter, to my/the face itself – using enhancing tools [sharpening] in order to deliberately distort the pictures. I then photographed these on the computer screen with a camera and magnifying glass held in front of the lens, titled for effect, reducing the depth of field greatly, making the picture mostly an abstract blur of colour, with only small areas of sharp-edged pixels. These images have ceased to be ID portraits, past the point of uncanny resemblance to loosing [almost] all baring on reality.