Photos: Twelve O’Clock in the Morning

by Beauchamp Art

Twelve O’Clock in the Morning

Twelve O'Clock in the Morning - I

Twelve O’Clock in the Morning – I

Macro photos of a computer screen displaying self-portrait pictures taken at/around midnight in the dark, solely illuminated by a dynamo torch, originally taken with a phone camera, each slightly bizarre in their subject matter and how they were taken, made even more obscure by the re-photographing of the original medium resolution images by a high resolution camera, fragmenting parts of the images into areas of colour cells, flattening the picture and giving them another perspective – a sort of temporal stereoscopic way of seeing.

The first is of my head lit from behind by the hand-held torch, reflecting in a mirror, which could give the impression of it being the flash from the camera itself, but does not correlate with the angle of the photo.

The second is of my eyes taken close-up, with the torch being refracted through blocks of Perspex, diffusing the light.

The third if of me wearing a sleeping mask/blindfold with my alarm clock balanced on my forehead, showing the time the original photo was taken, and the 8 o’clock alarm time, also illuminated by the torch held at arm’s length, as was the camera, which does give the image a certain preposterous quality