Photos: What Hath God Wrought

by Beauchamp Art

What Hath God Wrought

What Hath God Wrought - IV

What Hath God Wrought – IV

Macro photos of a computer screen displaying close up images of computer parts and skin combined digital, fusing the textures and colours of the two different surfaces, a cells of the monitor. These images are thus three-fold close-ups, and abstractions of usual, familiar forms; rendered uncanny by the intimate proximity. Images of man mixed with machine become barely recognizable as anything organic, or inorganic. They are intended to query the potentially cybernetic and increasingly close relationship between people and the new electronic technologies that have been developed – much as the sickle is an extension of farm-hand, the computer is an extension of the modern man.

Technology has also had an affect on the relationships not only between the developments themselves and people, but societal interrelationships and means of communication, hence the title, ‘What Hath God Wrought’, which was the first telegraph message sent by Samuel Moorse; a quote from the Book of Numbers, in the Torah; and appropriate rhetorical question at the unforeseen future or telephone and other communication/network technologies that followed.