Quote: Mondrian on Sound an New Music

by Beauchamp Art

“Sounds in nature are the result of simultaneous and continuous fusion. The old music partially destroyed this fusion and continuity by decomposing noise into tones and ordering them in a definite harmony. But this did not transcend the natural. This definiteness is not sufficient for the new spirit. ‘Scale’ and ‘composition’ show regression to natural sound, fusion and repetition. To achieve a more universal plastic, the new music must dare to create a new order of sounds and non-sounds (determined noise).”

Piet Mondrian

Mondrian, Piet. (1921) The Manifestation of Neo-Plasticism in Music and the Italian Futurists’ Bruiteurs. in Kahn, D. (1999) Noise Water Meat: History of Sound in the Arts. Cambridge: MIT Press. [108]