Weekly Summary – 14.10.13 – 20.10.13

by Beauchamp Art

With Frieze, lectures, photos to organise, and PAL work, this week was tiring but productive. Returning to the Media Lab seemed useful for getting back into the creative mindset, along with lectures, seminars, and studio time.

Additionally, Monday’s tutorial and presentation turned out to be surprisingly useful,. Though limited to 10 mins, mine expanded to around 30 mins, and somewhat spontaneously turned into some sort of performance involving dismantling my phone, handing around my ID cards, and dystopian ponderings. Hopefully I managed to convey the point that my work is not meant to be paranoid and reactionary, but a comment on the responses to the affects of technology on society.

I was also interview for a friend’s documentary/piece on masculinity in the media.

Unsleeping - I

Unsleeping – I

Photos of a screen displaying [various] images of an individual watching a live feed of New York Times Square on their laptop, accompanied by a sound-track of the NY police radio being fed over the airwaves.

Watching the City That Never Sleeps at 2am on the first day of the new term.

Maelstrom - II

Maelstrom – II

Photos of a screen displaying a distorted scanned image of my face.

Catatonic - IV

Catatonic – IV

Photos of my eye through two lenses, illuminated by a computer screen displaying photos taken from atop the RC Cathedral in Norwich and a dynamo torch.
Title in reference to the medical condition, and a screen name of an old friend.

00:13 Faux Pas - XII

00:13 Faux Pas – XII

Photographs of a screen displaying an image of a club edited using the ‘Content Aware Fill’ tool on PSCS6.