Weekly Summary 21.10.13 – 27.10.13

by Beauchamp Art

Monday’s briefing ran through the essentials of the current project fairly straightforwardly, motivating further participation in peer seminar presentations. The lecture production and reproduction was a fascinating examination of value and uniqueness in art, especially focussing on Marxist principals and Walter Benjamin’s commentary on art in the age of Mechanical Reproduction, leading into a seminar on the discussion of the economics of art, and a Damien Hirst: Vivian Westwood juxtaposition.

I managed a fair amount of practical work this week too, doing workshops in: Multiple-Viewpoint drawing, Wood-Block printing, and Final-Cut – along with Life-drawing, evening Outdoor-drawing, more photography; pictures about pictures and film/general organisation along side reading Poetics of Space.

Opticon III - II

Opticon III – II

Photos of my computer screen displaying the re-photographed images taken from top of the Norwich Cathedral.

Somewhere between God, Big Brother, and Where’s Wally.
Obscura - I - VI

Obscura – I – VI

Photos taken through a camera obscura with a digital camera of a computer screen displaying various images: my own hi/low-resolution photos and other found pictures.

Plastic Non-Place - III

Plastic Non-Place – III

Photos with reversed lens of perspex/transparent plastic blocks in conjunction with an empty white computer screen, creating placeless landscapes, half way between physical and artificial; a lucid dream in electronica.

Sitting Life Drawing A2

Sitting Life Drawing A2

A2 charcoal life study, extended pose.