Exhibit: Hobbycraft Exhibit: Part II

by Beauchamp Art

After two of my paintings were displayed in Hobbycraft as part of an exhibit done the Outdoor Drawing Society, via a peer working there, my paintings were then re-hung as part of a second exhibit in which one sold.
Though I was displeased that I was not consulted before my work, on loan, was re-used, I was pleased to see a work sell. However, I find it amusing that it was a rather sentimental portrait of my brother on his phone by the TV, done onto the wrapping paper from his birthday gifts, should be the piece that would sell in an arts & crafts store.

However, it has been some time and I still have yet to get my unsold piece back, or the money for the sold piece, despite seeing the organiser on a near-daily basis in the studio. Be wary of grinning middle-men, for they have no sense of haste when it is due to them, but a more than willing to pester you when it is for their benefit.