Weekly Summary – 4.11.13 – 10.11.13

by Beauchamp Art

Time management is paramount to utilizing the university experience, thus have recently been formulating an efficient schedule of activities, continuing a productive output, with time for research and reflection; making my own work and attending workshops.

Due to my business I have been stretched for time and must hence focus my activity more effectively.

In addition to the timetabled events, I have been editing the photo with Henry from last week, getting 310 photos down to 24; acting in friend’s film/animation project, attended the Gender/Body crit, and did life drawing despite lacking a model.

Given time constraints, the cancellation of the Open Mic and leaving my job will hopefully enable a greater productivity.

No more photos!

Cultivator of Decay [Henry Driver] - XIII

Cultivator of Decay – XVII

Cultivator of Decay [Henry Driver] - IX
Cultivator of Decay – IX

Cultivator of Decay

Photo shoot with Henry  with tele-screens displaying his video art.

Photography and editing by Benjamin Beauchamp.

Beauchamp photography current flickr

Beauchamp Photography

68 photography sets; 740 photos [now closer to 800], since the end of last hand in, to be submitted for BA4.

Sitting Model in Three Parts

Sitting Model in Three Parts

[‘Imaginary Light Source’ Drawing Workshop]