Weekly Summary – 11.11.13 – 17.11.13

by Beauchamp Art

The Cecile B. Evans workshop was an intense 4-hour expansive conversation; with her subsequent lecture covering much of the same, ending in reference to a point I made about the exponential increase in images seen.
Discussing chaotic/disparate/pluralistic art in the third year presentations was also useful, as was the Glitch crit.
I categorised the photos on my computer to parallel the online presentation with accompanying annotations; though some images are only on my university space that need transferring, before submitting.
Due to sheer quantity, considerable cherry picking is required for this project.
For the Opticon video soundtrack I audio-recorded a Mass and street noises, which I may use in my presentation.

Carapace [Forgettable Decay] - I

Carapace [Forgettable Decay] – I

Reversed lens macro photos of rust and other materials on the surface of ‘Forgettable in Decay’; growing textures that resemble organic structures, anthill and craters.

[Obscura IV] Never-ending Work in Progress [Benign Curiosity] [WIP]

Images of my recent photographic works through camera lens as an obscura, projecting onto a small piece of cartridge paper. Taken with a 28mm lens with magnifying glass attached.