Audio: Opticon [Soundtrack]

by Beauchamp Art

Opticon [Soundtrack]

This piece is the soundscape supporting and acting as soundtrack for ‘Opticon‘, a short film based around re-photographed images from atop the Norwich Roman Catholic Cathedral. The soundtrack was created by layering multiple facets of the ambient noise from within the Cathedral during Sunday Mass; including general environmental sounds, the organ and choir performing hymns, readings from the Bible, laden with much doom and commiserating prayers for the recent dead and suffering; fittingly accompanied by an on-going orchestral of crying infants. This was then combined with the sounds of the streets outside, by the roundabout and walking by the roads surrounding the Cathedral; the same location that the photographs were taken of, mixed with where they were taken from – the sounds from both ends of the lens.
I took a relatively uneventful, routine service, and turned it from the sounds of heaven to a more hellish ambience; warping sounds by speeding them up, and stretching out the sound of a child’s wail, the soft harmonies of the choir, and general Church business; fusing it with street-life and the sounds of a electronics amplified (parts of [Plasticity [Interference]) to infer the full atmosphere of the three locations the film is housed in: the Cathedral, the street, the computer.

The soundtrack was composed in Logic, featuring multiple-layers of sound; various parts fading in and out, ending abruptly, with the panoramic stereo balance on some sections gradually shifting, resolving circularly.