Photography: Obscura – II

by Beauchamp Art

Obscura – II

Obscura - II - I

Obscura – II – I

Photographs of camera obscura images of a computer screen.

These images are further experiments with the re-photographed Camera Obscura process, originally constructed as a means of documenting the observations made using the basic device; re-photographing the images through it became a means of generating new sorts of imagery using a lo-fi technique in union with hi-fi modern camera technology.

This short series was the first attempt at using the obscura in conjunction with images that related to previous works and existing subjects/themes within ongoing project. For example, the first two images [I & II] are projections of one of a peer’s online profile pictures that I had previously distorted [Dissimulation also used in other series; Misrepresented Dissimulator, Obscura – IV – Exterior]. That was used to create an even more ambiguous and abstract image that has little obvious connection with reality (though was a useful test of the varied colour intensity that could be achieved with the obscura).
The third image [III] was more simply another one of this peer’s profile pictures of him repeated four times, though I cropped the picture to one and a half, to hint at the repetition but not overstate it. The final image [IV] was a projection of the GIF created using a combination of my various ID images, blurred together due to the long exposure of the pictures.
This set focuses more on the ambivalent identity of images, and how they are subject to misrepresentation, rather than underpinning the process of photography itself (as in other Obscura images).