Weekly Summary – 18.11.13 – 24.11.13

by Beauchamp Art

The vast majority of this week has been spent in front of computer screens, looking at images and writing about pictures of computer screen, chaotically surging through the overwhelming amount of organisational matter that have to be attended to; much filtering to be had.
The ‘Opticon’ video was completed, and its soundscape crafted efficiently from the Mass recording. However, other short films need to be resolved, one of rust, and one of Tumblr scrolling.
A fair amount of effort has gone into my presentation, preparing notes to speak from, and writing up the leaflet essay that it to be accompanied with magnifying glasses.
The ambassador tours went smoothly.

Passive Production, Turned Up to 11


Opticon [Film Still]

Infinite Spectacle - III

Infinite Spectacle – III

Scrolling through Tumblr, reflected in the viewer and his lenses.

Obscura - V - Banal Curiosity - II

Obscura – V – Banal Curiosity – II

Images from a computer screen: of my Tumblr Dashboard, the ‘Art’ tagged page, and a collection of my previous photographs from Flickr – projected through an exposed 18-55mm camera lens as a camera obscure, mostly photographed on a small piece of cartridge paper, using the varied optical effects of two blocks of transparent plastic.