BA4: Best Photographic Works

by Beauchamp Art

I have recently taken a range photographs for BA4, so here is compilation of some of the more successful images taken from my Flickr. [In no particular order; originally for a Storehouse Magazine Submission]


In Absentia – I

Photos around a computer focusing on ways of interacting and interfacing.

Opticon – I – I

Photograph of a computer screen displaying images of individuals walking, taken from atop the Norwich Roman Catholic Cathedral, looking down on the city and its inhabitants from its highest point.

At Their Own Risk – IV

Photos taken attending a late Outdoor Drawing session at Anglia Square in Norwich. Somewhere that feels like a dead end in nowhere.

ID – III – Untruth – III

Photos of a computer screen displaying images of a triptych of ID images, which were scanned, placed along side each other, and then distorted by repeatedly blurring and sharpening the images, which was then photographed on a computer screen. These images have ceased to be ID portraits, past the point of uncanny resemblance to loosing [almost] all baring on reality.

Entertainment in Ruin – II

Photograph of a screen displaying of spontaneously glitched video stills, taken from entertainment media.

Plastic Non-Place – III

Photos with reversed lens of perspex/transparent plastic blocks in conjunction with an empty white computer screen, creating placeless landscapes, half way between physical and artificial; a lucid dream in electronica.

Obscura – IV – Exterior – VI

Photos of micro-projections created using a secondary camera lens as an obscura, positioned in front of a computer screen projecting a distorted image of an individual from Facebook, being projected onto a hand, making an apparent physical connection through electronic/digital means; false contact, broken discourse.

Redundant Romance [Pheidippides] – XI

Photo series of a video camera filming a computer screen displaying explicit materials; highlighting the pixilation, digitalisation and the ultimate abstraction of the physical form through electronic media.