Weekly Summary – 25.11.13 – 29.11.13

by Beauchamp Art

The majority of this week involved preparing for hand in; organizing my folder and finalizing annotations, as well as the gallery presentation in which I discussed my recent Opticon [Film]. This became an overload of information in the format is was presented, as well as the content of the work itself.

I also manage to finally finish of my rust film; Perpetual Decay, by quickly compile clips with a layered droning soundtrack.

I realize that my practice may seem fractured; the individual photographs or pieces become completely different when seen all at once. Each picture contains information, in macro they become overloaded and meaningless. collective they cannot easily be digested, and become worthless.

Opticon [Film]

Perpetual Decay [Film Stil] - IV

Perpetual Decay [Film Still] – IV

Perpetual Decay [Film Stil] - III

Perpetual Decay [Film Still] – IV