Weekly Summery – 30.11.13 – 8.12.13

by Beauchamp Art

After hand-in a cease of working momentum was unneeded, as there were still avenues of BA4 to follow, ideas to conclude, things to be done before NUA closed for winter.

Pausing for a moment of escapism, I then began experimenting with other forms of digital manipulation and ‘glitch’ as a means of representing the mediation/distortion of perception through modern media. However, the process used to deliberately damage the files, text-editing images, was not exclusively a means to an end, but was then used to create a film by repeatedly distorting the same image in sequence.

I also manage two other shoots, one involving my phone’s light, the other in the back of a shopping center, but was force to delete the images and footage due to security concerns.

The third year presentations were a strange mix, and the guest lecture reasonable.

Disassociated Frame 3
Disassociated‘ film still

Concrete Communication 7

Concrete Communication 7

Photos of the light creeping from underneath a mobile telephone at night, juxtaposed to a transparent plastic block and a bed-side table.

dis 1
Disassociated Glitch Experiment
Text edited pre-distorted image

disassociated 14 copy
Disassociated Rotary Glitch Experiment
Text edited pre-distorted image, rotating an image and editing the code randomly each time