Weekly Summary 16.12.13 – 22.12.13

by Beauchamp Art

With these two weeks being with family with little to show; little access to means of production (my computer and camera are practically redundant) I have been organising my old work folders, from GCSE to 1st year: selecting what to keep, and what to burn. Having always worked in bulk this took some time.

Having started on some short films recently, but with being back here, there’s little I can do but read and write, and not really having people around to talk to about art ideas (even casually) makes it a really stagnant atmosphere for academic, it is stifling.

Last year, I began photographing the TV, which had repercussions in subsequent works, leading to the computer screens photographs.

Destruction of the archive maybe a pondering point, as could the distraction of television and screen-based escapism.

Burn the Evidence

Disposing of  GCSE to 1st Year work documentation.

(To be reprocessed)

Google Glitch

Google Glitch
What happens when you Google Glitch?
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