BA5: Statement of Intent

by Beauchamp Art

For this project the I shall examine the mediation and banality of information (especially images), individuals discordant relationship with modernity and placelessness, through a range of mediums, primarily digital media: such as photography, film, and sound; using new media for contemporary subject matter, as well as potentially making use of instillation and using the presentation as an intrinsic element of individual pieces; such as online exhibition, and more interactive, engaging means of display.

As well as using sound: captured noises and synthetic sounds used in conjunction to create soundscapes and ‘drones’ that are implicitly but not obviously related to a physical/visual subject matter, and that can potentially function as independent sonic works or in conjunction with filmic works or as part of an instillation. For this, I shall continue looking into abstract video works, such as Paul Sharits’s T.O.U.C.H.I.N.G, in addition to progressing on from the Brassaï-like micro-landscapes through macro imaging, with a continuing influence from Michael Wolf’s use of the photographed screen; moving to incorporate of the world outside of the screen; contextualising the subjective environment through objective means, but still drawing attention to the media and process in a Lichtensteinian manner.

I intend to continue experimenting with media in response to my thematic investigations: such as the use of digital effects and exploiting computer software to produce a distorted atmosphere that simulates an unpredictably or accidentally corrupted aesthetic. Though I will use whatever appropriate means of exploring the subject matter of the effects of mediation & manipulation on society and the psyche of the individual; continuing to explore the ‘overload’, distorting perception and the sociological implications there in.

I also shall develop my academic writing, both in essay and reflective formats, along side my practical works; investigating the sociological implications of photography and new media; the distribution and expectations of images in the age of popular digital photography; reading F. Ritchin’s Bending the Frame, D. Haraway’s Cyberculture Theorists, and other socio-philosophical-information based texts.