Weekly Summary – 13.1.14 – 19.1.14

by Beauchamp Art

Another busy week; I found myself ‘dual-wielding’ computers to get everything done; finishing off one of the ‘Cultivator’ films, simultaneously organising/annotating last week’s photos. The annotations may need to be rewritten, adding quotes/examples, taking them to a more academic level.
The irrelevance of the FA lecture led me to an engaging Animation Guest Lecture from Barry Purves, which made me contemplate film structure, and some important points on refining, “If it doesn’t serve a purpose, don’t put it in.” Effectively echoing my tutorial, and the concerns of the working/display environments in the Lecture & Seminar.
I also went to the FA Focus Group, 3rd Year Presentations, Art Theory Group, the Feminism Crit, Jenny’s FEAST, and browsed the Forum’s Sociological texts (finding at least 4 especially relevant texts).

Returning to Conceptual Practice

Cultivator Deconstructed - 2

Cultivator Deconstructed – 2

Further processed images from the ‘Cultivator of Decay’ series, featuring glitched versions of some images and a still from an early version of the ‘Cultivating Desynchronisation’ film.

City - I - Skyline in Pixels - 04

City – I – Skyline in Pixels – 04

This series depicts the skyline of a city, Leeds: taken on a camera phone through French-Windows leading to a balcony in a set of flats, then re-photographed displayed on a screen, segmenting the city into pixelated forms.

Recycle Reduction - 2

Recycle Reduction – 2

As a continuation of the re-processing of images, cannibalising my own work, re-photographing the pictures of the glitch images displayed on a screen.

Cultivating Desynchronisation

Cultivator of Decay’ Photo shoot Film Part I