Photos: Prominens Obscura

by Beauchamp Art

Prominens Obscura

Prominens Obscura - 04

Prominens Obscura – 04

The images were taken in the Lecture Theatre, displaying various video works (Dissimulation, Opticon, Infinite Scrolling) as documentation of showing them on a large scale, before being re-photographed on a computer screen. Also featured in a number of the original picture was the surrounding environment, including the two-member audience watching the large projected videos from the front row.
In other words, the images were photographed being projected, then photographed again when on a screen (the videos themselves have their own history of reprocessing, adding to the visual layers and mediating channels within the works).
With these images, one is able to see pixels within pixels within pixels (to paraphrase Stephen Hawkin, “It’s pixels all the way down), shapes and forms become increasingly abstract, through the more evidently figurative subject matter remains vaguely decipherable through the labyrinth of layers.
As these were taken from larger viewing space, they are inherently more provocative of social, communal viewing, akin to a public cinema, more than the solitary computer screen which is often a particular area that can be focused one when examining the intimate contact between user and interface.
The title stems from Latin: ‘Prominens’ meaning ‘Projector’ as in to project, or stick out, here used in reference to the OHP which the images where displayed on, and ‘Obscura’ meaning ‘Dark’, frequently used in conjunction with ‘Camera’, as in ‘Camera Obscura’, an early form of pin-hole camera/projector. This relates back to previous experimental works using improvised Camera Obscuras to produce images.

Prominens Obscura - 06

Prominens Obscura – 06

Prominens Obscura - 07

Prominens Obscura – 07