Photos: Bide

by Beauchamp Art


Bide - 1

Bide – 1

In ‘Bide’, the viewer is invited to ponder the limbo of the images, in terms of the non-place that they depict, the re-photoghic process examining the subjectivity of the image, and the matrix-like digital environment that hints at the proliferation of digitality in a contemporary, placeless, setting.
Biding time taking photos through car windows in a non-specific parking lot. Low-resolution images re-photographed to draw attention to the act of looking at images on a screen and the uneventfulness of mobile-phone photography. Taking picture to pass time in a function non-destination, a temporary storage facility, contrasting to the potential permanence of the digital image, being added to an endless heap of inconsequential image, forming a wasteland of banal information. However, the car park and computer environments mirror each other’s sense of placelessness. The interchangeability of such spaces means any car park could be anywhere, and serves only as a deposits and safe house, inherently disinteresting, only its scale/space and usability is of any interest to the temporary inhabitants (‘is there enough room for my car/personal automobile, and can I park/exit easily’) much as the hard drive or online ‘cloud’ is only of interest to the user for their storage capacity and accessibility (‘is there enough room for my files, and can I access them easily’). They are functional spaces. The image stores data equally so, and one’s concerns therein is frequently function (‘does this image provide the visual information I require’) though what information they contain can be massively varied in purpose (whether for entertainment, documentary, artistic, informative or otherwise).

Bide - 2

Bide – 2

Bide - 4

Bide – 4