Photos: City – I – Skyline in Pixels

by Beauchamp Art

City – I – Skyline in Pixels

City - I - Skyline in Pixels - 04

City – I – Skyline in Pixels – 04

This series depicts the skyline of a city, Leeds: taken on a camera phone through French-Windows leading to a balcony in a set of flats, then re-photographed displayed on a screen, segmenting the city into pixelated forms. The distant block of flats set against the horizon awash in the haze of the overcast fading light of a day descending to dusk. Windows and pixels seeming like one and the same.
The distance of camera and subject, further by the screen display, adds to the dehumanised atmosphere of the cityscape. Evidence of life in the pale grey only broken by the glimmer of yellow lights erupting from windows and the streets below.
The solemnity of the rigid architecture, and functionality of high-rise apartments and office blocks reflects a mundane contemporary existence mediated by technology.
The blocky aesthetic of the concrete structures and the grid of pixels, which individually comprise of primary colours, only visible in areas in focus, given the low-depth-of-field of the photographed screen, could be seen as an artificial city, made of plastic bricks. Thereby both figuratively and visually resembling Lego buildings; like a model town built with finger and thumb rather than machine – a playful space.
(Contrastingly, a full scale city viewer through a tilt-shift lens, which reduces the depth of field of a camera, resembles a miniature, where as the micro environments when viewed closely can be seen to become landscapes, therefore using lenses to give the illusion of a change in scale, misleading the viewer, and manipulating their perception – much as these images play on the plastic/concrete, image/object, small/large juxtapositions.

City - I - Skyline in Pixels - 03

City – I – Skyline in Pixels – 03

City - I - Skyline in Pixels - 05

City – I – Skyline in Pixels – 05