Photos: City – II – Spaces in Pixels

by Beauchamp Art

City – II – Spaces in Pixels

City - II - Spaces in Pixels - 11

City – II – Spaces in Pixels – 11

Spaces in Pixels
With these re-photographed images of the cityscape of Leeds, the more intimate spaces of the environment were magnified and subjected to a greater scrutiny; looking in and through the windows of surrounding buildings, showing the more human workings of the space, as well as drawing attention to the presence of the photographer.
As in a some images reflections are used, in the glass of the windows being looked through and a mirror adjacent to the wall, making the viewer pass through more portals in order to get through to the subjectivity of mediation to an objective source; transcending pixels to get to the people. Such as in 11, where the camera shows a screen displaying an image of a city through windows reflected in a mirror, becoming a more greatly distant, Brutalist forms.
By peering through windows to the people within, one could also be seen to be crossing the public-private boundary, showing aspects of hidden lives, taking on a strong CCTV-like aesthetic. This is not intended to play to paranoid instincts, but rather to create an awareness of observation and mediation; how one’s personal activities can become rapidly extrapolated upon, becoming distributed and re-seen widely; the intense macro of the pictures a symbolic expansion. A small event can become a great marker in history if saturated into the wider society outside of one’s own private world.
These photos also draw on Michael Wolf’s architectural photographs which are somewhere between journalistic/documentary photography and conceptual Fine Art imagery. The monotony of the repetitive structures seems unreal, more like circuit boards than homes or workplaces. There scale is also shifted into an ambiguous paradox, in that the image depicts something large, but is evidently small by the pixilation. And furthermore, human forms are broken into grids of pixels, becoming like mechanical structures themselves; as part of the city, and as part of an electroscape; the physical embodiments of the populous of cyberspace. Man’s media extensions forming a duality. Happenings stiffen and conform to half-exposed grids. Mediation distorts and confuses: cropped, compressed, incomplete.

City - II - Spaces in Pixels - 01

City – II – Spaces in Pixels – 01

City - II - Spaces in Pixels - 08

City – II – Spaces in Pixels – 08