Photos: Cultivator Desynchronised

by Beauchamp Art

Cultivator Desynchronised

Cultivator Desynchronised - 01

Cultivator Desynchronised – 01

This series depicts images taken on a screen displaying a video piece created by desynchronising the display of a distorted slideshow of images (originally as part of the ‘Cultivator of Decay’ photo shoot).
The footage was created by stretching out the distance between the frames, making the program compensate for the shift (using ‘Optical Flow’ on Final Cut, which uses an algorithm to estimate the contents of the between frames, transiting between common forms and so forth). This was then applied to the video playing at various speeds, an multilayered (with the ‘Difference’ opacity setting to create the primary aesthetic, however other versions at different speeds where used to affect the lighting of the image). When amalgamated together, the transition between the individual images created a false continuity, and the opacity settings meant that the separation in the visual continuum staggers the image, fracturing it into repeating sections of broken image, resting peculiar optical effects.

The ‘tracing’ like effect created around the edge of silhouetted sections of the figure against the light act like motion trails within the still image, creating a kind of digital multiple perspective, and illusion of cubism and dynamism.
It also mirror the doubling of images I see when objects move quickly in visually contrasting environments due to a ‘lazy eye’; an organic failing the parallels the computer’s attempt to resolve an impossible visual dilemma, to create continuity between images that do not naturally flow together consistently. However, as the images are taken from a single sequence of 320 photos, with multiple taken from the same or similar positions, there is inevitable some sense of flow, though it is staggered, like the images.
Sections of certain frames that were particularly visually stimulating were then photographed displayed on a screen, drawing the gaze to specific sections of the frame, as well as the pixellation of the image highlighting the act of looking, and the limits of perception, especially through electronic and digital media.
These images can then perform the role of being materials to be reprocessed further, being turned into another film, and so forth.

Cultivator Desynchronised - 23

Cultivator Desynchronised – 23

Cultivator Desynchronised - 13

Cultivator Desynchronised – 13