Photos: Recycle Reduction

by Beauchamp Art

Recycle Reduction

Recycle Reduction - 1

Recycle Reduction – 1

As a continuation of the re-processing of images, cannibalising my own work, re-photographing the pictures of the glitch images displayed on a screen (which could go on potentially endlessly, until the images breaks down into nothingness, light a tunnel of mirrors, with each reflection darkening, holding some of the light, becoming an vacuous blackness).
In these, by reducing the scale of the source images, and looking even closer at the screen, the failings of the pixel-rendered image became more apparent, creating warping effects and rippling colours as the screen attempted to cope with the subtle complexity of the pixelated pictures. The layers of the broken RGB colour cells become more apparent with each mediation, and the microscopic chasms in-between stretch with the upscaling effect. A net expands to a system of linear canyons, and the solidity of the screen breaks down.
When undergoing these repetitive processes of deconstructing images and how they are seen, refining, pixel by pixel, it does seem to become an existentialist activity. What is seen seems void, flawed, and invalid, yet the ubiquity of screens and the moments of visual slippage inherent in the organic eye make these failing unavoidable.
One could see these images, and other like them as an example of a necessary and willing acceptance of an unreliable means of phenomenologically engaging with one’s environment. They shake the foundations of verisimilitude.

By reducing the image to its pixelated compacts, effectively rendering it redundant as a means of communicating a definite subject matter; one could be seen to be undermining oneself, or at least one’s faculties. Indeed, it could be argued that “He that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom.” [J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring], though at the same time, breaking apart something can also be a pivotal way of understanding how things work, exposing the inner workings and inner knowledge in order to make sense of something, or to better it. These photos reveals the inherent failings of the visual, provoked by digital mediation, though in doing so they may have appear as base aestheticism, or even grotesque.
(The aforementioned quote refers to the splitting of light; which from a scientific perspective could be seen as an effect means of deriving knowledge, much as splitting the atom led to a greater understanding of particle physics and revolutionary energy source, but also resulted in the most destructive weapons of man; the atom bomb).
In the quest for new perspectives and greater understanding, one does not wish to loose track of reality, and be devolved from one’s senses, and getting lost in the incomprehensibility of omnipotent knowledge; drowning in and endless sea of data.

Recycle Reduction - 2

Recycle Reduction – 2

Recycle Reduction - 3

Recycle Reduction – 3