Photos: Two Lost Souls

by Beauchamp Art

Two Lost Souls

Two Lost Souls - 1

Two Lost Souls – 1

Re-photographed images taken in a social environment when a prism-effect was observed occurring through the side of of a glass fish-tank. This refracted the light at 90 degrees, allowing one to see around the corner of the fish taken, from an inside location to the outside, but in the process, if one observed from a low-enough angle, distorted the image massively, creating a broken reflection of the external environment. Producing a naturally occurring visual distortion, that one could describe as a physical glitched aesthetic (though the splitting of light into primary colours is not untypical, but seeing the signature rainbow effect inside in a casual environment was somewhat of a surprise, and thus prompted the phonophoto to be taken.
When photographed displayed on a screen, the range of colours became especially vivid, the split white light into primary colours being reinforced by the RGB sub-pixel structure; producing the appearance of abstraction, though with not artificial interference in the images (there was no photo manipulation, only RAW edits).
This triptych could be seen as exemplary of the unreliable image, accentuating the unreliability of the digital image as well as the organic seeing.
The title is taken from Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’, “We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year.” Harking back to the original source of the images, an aquarium.

Two Lost Souls - 2

Two Lost Souls – 2

Two Lost Souls - 3

Two Lost Souls – 3