Thought On: Double DSLR Infinite Regression Photography

by Beauchamp Art

I am confused to the point of feeling sick.

Unsure seeing is dizzying. The discord between what is perceived, and what one thinks one should be seeing causing a deeply engrained sense of confusion: a turning of the stomach – a sort of ‘see-sickness’ – eyes breaking from steady stereoscopy – depth shifts, motion lags – the two cameras become like a pair of crossed-eyes, and optical illusion and a visual reality become blurred together.

Two cameras looking at each other, a hall of mirrors, the infallibility of the digital eye is disrupted, the image’s verisimilitude broken, and the human participant beguiled.

In the silence the working of the camera’s mechanics were heard, a growling stomach at midnight, tinnitus ring waiting for bed.

It is disorientating; looking at looking, my eyes are struggling. They ache daily and I can see my vision deteriorating rapidly. Cameras could secure the pictographic memory, or destabilise the concrete interaction.

Contemplating such matters as the modern man:machine, and the effects of mass-distributed, mass-photography on mass-perception; seems like a drunken digitalism.

How do I filter, focus – avoid the overload? How much is too much?

Cameras cause existentialism.