Weekly Summary – 3.2.14 – 9.2.14

by Beauchamp Art

I have concluded that I primarily use Art as a catalyst for discussion, rather than discussion catalytically for Art, though both feed off one another circularly; the audience’s response is more pivotal than the piece itself. I may never be a great artist, but if I can provoke conversation effectively – with others or within my own writing – then I shall be content.
My practical work has slowed, though I am applying the ‘Just A Minute’ rules to essay-writing; no Deviation, Hesitation, or Repetition (except when mentioning key terms from the title/question).
Moreover, the Critical writing workshop was especially useful along side researching articles, though the Gallery talk moved me little.

Unexpected Reconstitution [Esc] - 4

Unexpected Reconstitution [Esc] – 4

Unexpected Reconstitution [Esc]


Diallelus [Film]

Diallelus - 2

Diallelus – 2

Diallelus [Photos]