Thoughts on: Doubling Word Limits

by Beauchamp Art

The tradition of doubling word limits shall again be upheld.
Currently (with less than 5 days until submission), the word limit for my essay is now close to 4400, though I’ve concluded that it is in fact three essays in one. I had divided it under three headers to start with “The Screen, The Network, The Individual”, but then each one of those became quite bloated, so I’ll probably just take “The Screen” as that’s a healthy 1400, whereas “The Network is around 800, and “The Individual” is at around the same point along with the conclusion, though there is still a few hundred words of spare quotes left over. This essay is essentially a series of connections between previous points, with new comparisons and a few examples. I might have to keep this draft and use it as the basis for my dissertation, then double it and go for 10K.
It would probably be best to immediately sever the extra section, and just take their best points, rather than writing it in full and end up with some ridiculously gargantuan text to cut down at the end.

Writing essays can sometimes be, as a peer of mine pointed out, like writing a Twitter post; having to cut it down to the bare essentials to the point at which is only just makes sense.

Even with just the introduction, the section on the screen, and the rather hefty conclusion, it still reaches over 2200; with the addition of the highlight from the compressed sections, that goes up to 3000, though as around 500 of that is highly fragmented, and the rest does not flow at all, there is still much work to be done. Though if I have a finished draft by the end of Monday, I will be content, and can spend Tuesday polishing it up.